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Have you been considering
making the move to the city of Las

Are you looking for a change of scenery, different opportunities, or just new experiences? Las Vegas might be the city for you. Let’s look at some factors you should consider before calling Captain Van Lines to help you make the big move.


Las Vegas is known to be a desert climate with scorching hot summers and mild winters. If intense heat is not a deciding factor for you, then Las Vegas could be the city for you as cold days will be rare leaving you more days out of the year to enjoy the sun, but will increase your cooling costs.

Cost of living: 

Compared to other states in the US, Las Vegas has a generally lower cost of living compared to major cities in the United States. The cost of living does, however, vary depending on the lifestyle and neighborhood you choose. The price of housing has been on the rise in recent years, so you will need to do further research to make informed decisions.

Job market: 

Las Vegas is known for its tourism and hospitality. Before making the big move it would be a good idea to see if there are any job opportunities in your area of expertise. Sectors such as healthcare, technology, and construction contribute to the job market. 

Entertainment and lifestyle: 

People love Las Vegas is known for its vibrant entertainment scene, world-class shows, and a wide range of dining options. However, it’s essential to find a balance and manage your budget, as the city can be tempting when it comes to entertainment expenses.

Outdoor Activities: 

Because there are outdoor activities available for those who enjoy nature. The city is within driving distance of several national parks, including the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Red Rock Canyon. Hiking, camping, and exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding areas are popular activities for residents.

Traffic and Transportation: 

Las Vegas is the well-known tourist destination that it is, resulting in heavy traffic congestion during the tourism seasons, therefore planning your commutes will need to be considered when deciding where to live in Las Vegas especially if you travel through the Strip and during peak tourist seasons. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) operates public bus routes throughout the city, and there’s also a monorail system on the Strip.

Education and healthcare:

If you are planning to further your education or are planning to have children, Las Vegas has various public and private schools, as well as several higher education institutions. The city also offers a range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, which is important to consider when deciding on an area to live in. 

Local laws and regulations: 

Knowing the local law of the city is a great way of keeping out of trouble in your new city. Familiarizing yourself with the driving rules, alcohol regulations, and residency requirements. Understanding these rules will help you navigate daily life in Las Vegas smoothly.

The above topics to consider before making the big move are crucial when trying to make informed decisions on where the next chapter of your life journey will be. Captain Van Lines knows that once you have decided on moving to Las Vegas,  the stress will start to set in. We are here to help take that stress off your shoulders to allow you to experience more of the fun moments of moving by safely transporting your furniture from where you are to where you want to go. 

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